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20 Brush Contest Vol. 2

I just finished and uploaded the ranking of my second 20 Brush Contest. All 16 maps can be downloaded together in a large pack or separately.

Head over to the Contest Page for the results and downloads.

Thanks to anyone who participated!

August 27, 2004 20:08 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Contest

Tutorial: FakeBumpMap

A little tutorial about a more or less simple shader effect. When I tested it, the results were very satisfying, so I wrote this tutorial to share my discovery :)

Have a look at it here: FakeBump Tutorial

December 29, 2003 20:12 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Tutorial

Some reviews of Kritische Masse

Finally .::LVL postet a pretty good review of my map Kritische Masse. You can find another one at (German).

Enjoy reading!

September 3, 2003 19:09 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Maps

Kritische Masse

Yep, finally my new map Kritische Masse is gold!

Kritische Masse for Quake 3

Not much to say about it. Just go to the maps page and start your download.

July 12, 2003 19:07 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Maps

Kritische Masse gameplay test

Here are some gameplay test versions of my upcoming map. In this case gameplay test means that all details and textures were taken out for faster updating etc. You can find these at the projects page. The maps are basically all the same - only the item-sets differ. kmgp4 is the best solution by now, I guess.

If you wan't to play them online you can do so at the F^3-server

pass: biernot

Comments highly appreciated :)

June 2, 2003 19:06 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Maps

New Screenshots

You can find some new screenshots of my upcoming map Kritische Masse at the projects page.

There is still much stuff to be done, but it's all going very well. Enjoy :)

May 30, 2003 19:05 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Maps

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