YuckFu! is a tiny arcade game I wrote in my free time. It's written in c++ using the Windows ddraw version of tinyPTC.

In Yuckfu! you control a little spacecraft and your task is to collect as many "fuckits" as possible, while avoiding to crash into the walls/floor/ceiling.
Fuckits become solid if you do not collect them within a certain amount of time - decreasing your remaining space to move on the screen.

Version3 also features an online highscore table and some replay recording functionality.

Be warned: it's addictive ..

download yuckfu.zip ! 21kb

Not at home ? No zip-programm ?
download yuckfu.exe 18kb

Version2 sourcecode: yuckfu2-src.zip
Version2 highscore table: oldscores.html

YuckFu! for Gameboy Advance

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YuckFu! (c) Dominic Szablewski aka. cha0s - chaosquake.de